Raj Kundra Date of Birth

Raj Kundra is a British Indian businessman, who was born on 9 September 1975. He was brought up in London. His ancestors came from Punjab. In 2004, he was ranked by SUCCESS magazine as the 198th richest British Asian. As of 2009 he was Chief Executive Officer of Essential General Trading LLC. He first married to Kavita Kundra and has a daughter Deleena, but the couple later divorced. Later he got married to Bollywood stunning actress Shilpa Shetty. The couple has one child Viaan Raj Kundra.

Raj Kundra’s story is the stuff of fairytales. His father was a Punjabi had worked as a bus conductor in London before becoming a small businessman. His mother worked as a shop assistant. Raj himself didn’t study beyond 12th grade. During 1990’s Raj went to Dubai and Nepal in order to have a beautiful career. He later shifted to UK and started a Diamond business and now he is associated with Group co Developers, a real estate firm.


Raj Kundra Birth Day details

Raj Kundra Date of Birth


Raj Kundra Date of Birth and Birth Place Details
Raj Kundra Birthday  9 September 1975
Raj Kundra Birth Time Unknown
Raj Kundra Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Raj Kundra Zodiac Sign Virgo
Raj Kundra Age in 2014 39 years
Raj Kundra Religion Hindu
Raj Kundra Hobbies Cricket and Mixed martial arts
Raj Kundra  Height 6′  (barefoot)
Raj Kundra Weight Unknown


Interesting facts:
1. Kundra is a college dropout, who established a business by selling Pashmina shawls, bought from Nepal, to fashion houses in Britain during the 90s. He then moved on to trading in rough and polished diamonds.
2. After his initial success Kundra invested in different firms ranging from areas from hospitality to real estate. Apart from Rajasthan Royals Kundra has investments in companies including Kundra Constructions Pvt Ltd, TMT Global and Iconic Investments Pvt Ltd.
3. Kundra along with Sanjay Dutt also set up India’s first professionally organised mixed martial arts fighting league – Super Fight League.
4. Kundra and Shetty got married in November 2009 and have a son, Viaan.