Momina Mustehsan Date of Birth

Momina Mustehsan is the girl of “Pee Jaun” a song by Farhan Saeed has created a sensation in the music world. She has completed her A Level from Lahore Grammar School in Lahore and has done Genetic and Tissue Engineering (Biomedical Engineering). She has also done a minor in business at Stony Brook University in New York. She also have plans on going to a Medical School after this. Momina has two brothers, who are singers.

Momina Mustehsan feels that music is just her hobby or passion but not her ambition. She is down-to-earth, honest and has come a long way from recording school songs in a choir to having very own rendition of Junoon’s Sajna for their 20th Anniversary Album. She is the artist for the famous song “Har Zulm” (cover), which is sung by Sajjad Ali.

Momina Mustehsan has recently gave music for the song Awari from the film Ek Villain. The song is picturised on Prachi Desai. Her famous song Pi Jaun has been nominated as “Song of The Year” at Lux Style Awards 2013.

Date of Birth : 5th September
Zodiac sign : Virgo


Momina Mustehsan Birth Day details

Momina Mustehsan Date of Birth

1. What is your absolute favorite place in the world?
Wherever my parents and “home” is, I guess. So for now it’s Kiev, Ukraine.
2. How does it feel to be famous?
Though I wouldn’t want to consider myself famous, I’d just say that it’s a little weird for me for the most part.
3. What is the best thing about New York?
It’s a world of its own.
4. What is the best thing about Pakistan?
5. What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read these words?
Creativity : Imagination
Instrument : Skill
Noise : Pakistani political “talk shows”
Love : Purity
Family : Precious
Religion : Hope
Politics : Drama
Food : Beyond-amazing (it deserves more than just a word, but I hope the hyphen makes it count as one)
6. What else makes you happy, besides music?
7. One thing that you want to do before you die?
Perform hajj with my family.
8. Ten years from now, you will be?
An engineer and hopefully an established doctor.